Education- A Treated Fundamental Right

As Chanakya rightly said” Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education always beats the beauty and the youth.” Education is so rudimentary that it itself becomes an identity of an individual. It is always a much talked topic and people have debated over years of how to clinch to almost perfection; nevertheless, we outstretch a generation where there are diverse forms of education. Education gives a vision of hope for a better world.

India And Education:

India is an institution in itself with many forms of education and has witnessed educational evolution from gurukul system to digital system; from Nalanda to IITs and other top-notch universities. But did we reach a position where education is in every house to nook and corner? The answer is Certainly not. Government has taken up many schemes and initiatives to help everyone grow ,but is it enough? What is our role as a citizen and where we can contribute to make it happen is what we should focus on. In doing so a likeminded people came together with a slogan ”Education is for all” and thus Kashi Educare Society is born.

free education by ngo kashi educare society

Who Is Kashi Educare Society?

Kashi Educare Society is none other than the people of India, when you have a thought to bring change for good; you belong to Kashi Educare – the call from within. We are a representative that makes your wishes come true, your willingness to make change for society and your utmost desire to abide by your inner feelings is what we do in Kashi Educare.

Awareness- Buckle Up:

A project undertaken with great enthusiasm is a project accomplished. Kashi Educare Society being the stepping stone for a new India has in its small time of establishment set clear goals of its undertakings.

Wheels Of Education:

Change comes with the rolling wheels where you move your thought from present situation to a paradise. With such a motive we set forth to bring a new kind of education to the underprivileged. One of our project is Computer Institute on Wheels.

Free Computer Centers Inside Schools:

Our motto “An extra skill is an extra feather on our wings” rightly fits to this project that we have taken.

Free Education For Poor:

To bridge the gap of the privileged and the underprivileged free education is provided for the poor.

Health Teacher- A Check On You

Health teachers has a eye on you; with education of the eternal, internal education and maintenance is as beneficial.